What Contaminants Should You Avoid in Drinking Water?

Contaminants Should You Avoid in Drinking WaterFirst things first, tap water is highly contaminated and you simply should avoid drinking it. There are many different solutions and ideas when it comes to purifying the water you drink. However, never trust the TV commercials about magical substances that clear all the negative ingredients that come with the drinking water. Some of them are not toxic to your body, and others are simply needed for your well-being.

One of the best solutions to drink clean water is getting one of the many water filter pitchers there are on the market. They make a purifying selection of only the bad ingredients in the water. If you want to know about these contaminants that should be avoided, please read on!


Even though fluoride was widely used back in the day as a way to prevent teeth decay, today many countries banned adding it to the water. Fluoride causes problems on other body parts, such as the thyroid gland and the pineal gland.


One of the greatest contaminants that is very common in tap water is lead. Corroding pipes release lead into the water system and drinking it is very toxic. Lead causes problems to all organs in the body and great exposure to it can be very dangerous especially in small children. Brain diseases and body parts failures are common with kids exposed to lead.


Miners often face the mercury leakage in their mines even though they are mining for something completely different. This element is very lightweight and can travel by the wind in distant places but when it is traveling through water it can be very toxic to people’s health.


Chlorine is a well-known chemical element that almost anyone is familiar with. It is used for cleaning pools and for other water areas. Public pools often have the well-known smell of chlorine. Even it is widely used, chlorine is not safe and water exposed to it should not be consumed. It can cause serious respiratory problems.


ArsenicProbably one of the most dangerous contaminants that can be found in water is arsenic. In larger quantities, it is extremely dangerous and it will most probably cause death. Longer exposure can cause cell dying and rotting of some body parts, as well as cancer. Small amounts of it will surely cause vomiting, diarrhea, and sickness. Even though it’s not common, arsenic sometimes can be found in tap water as a result of bad factory management that disposes of their waste in which there is arsenic. This waste can get into water that is used for drinking.


Every single person will be positive to perchlorate if tested. Perchlorate is the key ingredient used for the fuel in aircrafts traveling to space. People living near the sites for rocket testing or launch ramps have much greater chance to be poisoned with perchlorate as rockets flying off the ramps release a lot of this ingredient. It ends up in the nearby rivers and ground and then travels to the water we drink. It’s dangerous for the thyroid gland.


The dioxins are released into the air during a fire. Burning forests, coal, oil and similar all create dioxins that contaminate the land and the water. Very fast the dioxins contaminate the water sources and the water that we drink. Dioxins are causing cancer and are highly dangerous to fetuses. If the pregnant mother drinks water with dioxins, the fetus will most likely be born with serious damages or even die before birth.


DCPA or Dacthal is a chemical substance used as a herbicide. Its use is not forbidden even though it is highly contagious to the ground and water sources. Animal testing has shown that exposure to this contaminant causes problems with the liver, kidneys, spleen, and some glands.


We strongly advise never to drink water that is not proven to be healthy and drinkable. We never know what’s coming out of our faucets in the kitchen as we can’t test the water every day. That’s why the best solution is using a water filter pitcher that purifies the water and captures many contaminants bad for your health.