How to Use a Flat Iron For Different Hair Types?

How to Use a Flat Iron For Different Hair TypesWe all like to change our style and looks from time to time. Some of us even must take care of the hair daily as it is just a little curly but not enough to call it a personal favorite style. That’s why women love flat irons for their hair and use it as a part of their daily makeup routine.

Not all women, however, have the same hairstyle. Some have relatively straight hair, some have very curly hair. Using a flat iron is more difficult for some, and pretty easy for others. If you have a very curly hair it will be harder but not impossible to straighten it up but you’ll need a better iron and a little more work.

Here’s what you need for different hairstyles:

Short Hair – Small Iron

Girls with short hair will need an iron that’s smaller in size. Their hair is shorter and they don’t need an iron that will cover a big area. Quite different, they need an iron that will be easy to manage and work with without accidentally burn themselves. They need something that will get closer to their scalp and will be helpful enough in creating the style they need.

A Fine Iron For a Fine Hair

Iron For a Fine HairIf you have a fine hair then you need an iron that will fit your needs and not just some mighty expensive one. You actually need an iron that will be able to heat up to 350 degrees which is much more than enough. Most of the time you’ll probably need way below this temperature, but it’s good to have to option if something’s going wrong.

It’s best to have an iron that has the ability to control the temperature on different levels. This way you’ll be able to find the right temperature for your hair, but also for the style you need at the moment. People with fine hair look like they have less hair than other people but this is not true. Their hair is thin and this creates an illusion. Their hair looks different than the hair of people with more thick one.

The best advise we can give to people with fine hair is to try their iron on the lowest possible temperatures at first. If things don’t work this way, get the ironwork at higher temperatures. Adjust the temperature based on your needs. That’s why it’s best to have an iron that has an adjustable temperature.

Thick Hair Needs a Lot of Heat

Women with thick hair need an iron that is able to create more heat. Since their hair type is difficult to be tamed, they need a lot of heat. An iron that is able to create over 400 degrees will be just about enough at this temperature is able to straighten up every hair type. Black hair also needs more heat than others since it is thicker, check this comparison table for black hair.

Another very important thing for these kinds of irons is the material they’re built from. Since the heat might damage them, you need to find models that are made of high-quality materials such as titanium, ceramic, or tourmaline. Titanium is the best option as no matter how much you use the iron, it will always be as brand new.

Go Easy on Damaged Hair

If you’re dealing with damaged hair, then you need to be gentle with it. You need an iron that will produce as little heat as possible, and sometimes you won’t need heat at all. Damaged hair is very fragile and you need to deal with it very carefully. If you’re still using heat, be sure not to hold the iron in one place for too long because you might completely burn the already damaged hair. Also, you should think about a haircut. Take the damaged part out and the healthy hair will grow faster and stronger.


Different hair types need different irons. Also, different styles need a different approach too. In this article, you learned what you need based on your hair type. Make sure you follow the rules so you don’t damage or burn your hair. Heat and size are not always a better option. Knowledge and patience on the other hand – are everything.