6 Ways To Keep Your Food Fresh

Ways To Keep Your Food FreshSome foods spoil faster than others and some can be fresh for days without any concern. In this article, we’re going to show you 6 ways to keep your food fresh.

While you’re at home, you most probably own a fridge and this is the place where food goes. When you get out, go camping or hiking for a few hours, you need different methods for keeping your food fresh. In addition, we’re going to give several pieces of advice about keeping your food fresh both at home and in the great outdoors.

Fridge for most things

Like we already mentioned, the fridge is the place where most of your food is stored. This is a smart move, of course. The fridge is operated on electricity and is always on which means your food will always be safe.

Things that must be stored in the fridge in order to keep them fresh are milk products, eggs, meat, and other natural products. These products will be spoiled in a matter of hours if they’re not placed in a fridge where temperatures are low. Meat products must be placed in the deep freeze section until they’re ready to be eaten.

Not everything requires a fridge

The fridge is the best place for some products like the ones we mentioned above, but it’s not the best place for other products. For example, potatoes, garlic, onions shouldn’t be stored in the fridge as the cold will simply make them rot faster.

Instead, keep these products in a special room where it is dark and dry. A place that will be away from the sun, but the temperature will also be a little below the normal. This way you’ll have these products fresh for longer time.

Thermoelectric cooler

Thermoelectric coolers are really cool. This invention is excellent for people that like to have a place where they can both store ingredients to be cool and heated. How is this possible? Well, thermoelectric coolers work on electricity that conducts it in a special way to push the heated air into another chamber of the cooler. This way you get a compartment that’s cool and another that’s heated.

It is a perfect option for parties and travels in nature. You get to store things you like to stay fresh in the cold part like it is a standard cooler. The only problem is that it works on electricity, which means you need a power source.

Standard cooler

If you don’t like to be power dependent, there are the standard coolers that are very popular for partying and for adventures in the great outdoors. A standard cooler works in a very simple way. Things that are already cold are stored in the cooler and their low temperature helps everything stays cold and fresh longer.

If you want to help this process it is smart to place some ice cubes inside as their temperature is way below zero. Another great trick is to place frozen drinkable water that will melt in time and will be usable but will also keep your things fresh and cold.

Store food and drinks properly

Store food and drinks properlyThis one goes for both home use and for traveling. Store food and drinks properly if you want them to last longer. The fridge has a different temperature on the door and in the back so you should place things that don’t need too much cold in front. Place the milk and eggs in the back as they need lower temperatures.

Also, when traveling, try to place the food on one side and drinks on the other. This way you’ll prevent unwanted accidents and you won’t spoil your food.

Don’t use everything at once

When you go camping, make a good plan about your needs and time you’ll spend out there. Don’t take out everything from your cooler because they will fast be spoiled. Also, bugs and birds can’t wait for your free snacks and will get them the first second you turn your eyes away.

Keep everything inside until you decide you need it. When you get it out, be sure you eat all of it as the option of restoring is not possible.