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Hairstyling – Treat Yourself with New Stye!

Hairstyling products are utilized in holding any definite hairdo in position, shaping, changing of the hair texture and care for your hair. If use properly, styling products will not cause injury to the hair than making it dry; alcohols which break down oils is contained in most styling products. Chemicals presents in varieties of hair products causes build-up bringing about dulling hair, irritated scalp, textural changes and dandruff. A material that makes your hairstyles well shape and supporting your hairdo not to flop before leaving your home and to last longer throughout the day can be terms as hair styling products.

Varieties of hairstyling products

Hair wax

These kinds of hairstyling products are thick and contain wax, serves as support in holding the hair. Hair wax remains flexible and does not solidify. This product has been utilized for many years. Due to the popularity of these products many different version has been made by manufacturers refer to as styling paste, glue, whip, and putty.

Hair gel

Hair gel is a hairstyling product that is utilized to solidify hair into a specific hairdo.  In terms of results when applied, it’s similar but much stronger comparing it to hair wax and hair spray, but weaker than hair glue products.

Hair Spray

This is a commonly household aqueous solution with varieties of names such as hair spritz or lacquer that is utilizes to keep hair firm or in a particular position. Products like hair gel, hair wax, or paste are stronger than hair spray; its application on hair hold styles for so long. A form of fluid elastic that keeps hair solid and firm without snapping is called elastesse.

Hair Styling Products

  1. Products that contain silicone will smooth your curls temporarily and add sparkle to your hair.
  2. For easy utilization and control of any styling wax endeavor to handle it with warm hands.
  • Important hair product for utilization are; a heat protector, conditioner, a finishing product and shampoo.
  1. Use serums, polish and waxes in blonde hair whenever styling products are essential as they won’t dull the hue like matt-impact product.
  2. Use the right products for your hair types.
  3. Abstain from spirit base hair styling products because they cause more dryness. This is for people suffering from a damage or dry hair.
  • Shining gloss should be use for sparkle without serum thickness.
  • To look naturally, light hair styling products sprayed on should be used instead of products that permit you to coat hair strands

Application of Hair Products

  1. To avoid oil overloading applied silicone products to your hair if you posses oily or fine hair.
  2. For full benefits of the products to be received if you want to apply after your hair has been wash endeavor your hair is slightly damp.
  • Start with a little amount then add more when applying hair styling products.
  1. Wax can be utilized to add sparkle to your hair if applied uniformly and gently.
  2. To avoid spoiling your style with a lot of products, begin at the back of your head with much hair and after that move to the front area of hair

Hair styling benefits

  1. To control and keep your static strands, spritz your hair brush with some hairspray and after that brush through your locks.
  2. Using leave in conditioner is an incredible method to look after your twists and change them into reasonable ringlets. Simply apply to clammy hair and turn your twists into shape.
  • Let your hair style match with the styling products you are using. For example, straightening curls use straightening cream. Frizz decreasing products and curls promoter should be used in case you have plenty of textured waves and curls.
  1. Any hairstyle that oblige definition use gel and wax products. They serve a good purpose like dreadlocks creation, twisting curls into shape and piece straight in between hair that joined together.
  2. Try to set wavy hair when it’s wet for a superior result yet know if your hair isn’t sopping wet (lightly dry with a towel to uproot abundance water) so your hair styling products can firmly set.
  3. Don’t try to apply gel and thereafter blow-dry your hair or will end up with a scaly residue.

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Hair Styling Tools for Short Hair

If you have short hair and need any styling tool, we may recommend you HairStyleLab, a comprehensive list of clippers reviews, as well as some other useful tools, but their website is basically for men!  And if you would like to get rid of your hair! We may recommend you an unwanted hair removal website :)

Hope you enjoyed our post, feel free to comment below!

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Preparing the face for the make-up application

 Make-up needs the face be clear, fresh and smooth. Therefore, the woman has to prepare her face for makeup in a healthy way following some certain steps:

First, you need to know your skin type in order to choose the suitable cleanser for instance if your skin is oily, you need to choose and oil-free cleanser. However, if your skin is dry, moisturizing cleanser is your best choice.

Second, use a face toner in order to remove the traces left by the cleanser. If your skin is oily, alcoholic lotions are your best choice, but it is not necessary to use face toners. On the other hand, if your skin is sensitive, refuge to the mild toners to clean your skin.

Third, it is agreed that makeup is easier to apply on a moisturized skin, so try to apply cream on wet skin that it would absorb more cream and therefore you will get a perfect makeup application and best look. Remember using a moisture with an SPF; press it onto your skin, do not rub it in which would stimulate the skin cells and allow the ingredients of the moisturizer to seep into it.

The final step of the pre-makeup phase is to use the face primer. You have to look for a primer that silicon is one of its main ingredients in order to get a smooth and ready face for the makeup application. Besides, the primer hinder mixing the oils of the face with your makeup, so you will stand out with a last longer makeup.


Makeup Application

When applying makeup, you need to consider the different cosmetics in a way that helps you to get the prettiest look and here we are demonstrating you the professional use for each product and how you can benefit from them easily.

Foundation: After preparing the face and cleaning it, it is time to cover the face with a foundation that goes with your skin color in order to get a more natural look. The trend now goes with applying the contouring makeup, which means having dark and light parts to get a slimmer face. All you need for the contouring are a dark and a light foundation from the same brand, a concealer, a light powder and a blending brush.



How to apply contouring makeup:

After cleaning the moisturized face, with the dark foundation try to draw a line upwards past the lash line and extend it almost to the hairline, you can also apply this below your lips and upwards to list the face. Now, add contouring to areas you want to define or slim down for example your chine, jawline cheekbones and nose.  With your blending brush start mixing the foundation, begin from the outside along the hairline that would help your face look slimmer. After everything is blended, set the light parts with a translucent and the dark parts with a little bronzer. Your face is ready now to add your makeup, i.e. lipstick, mascara and blusher.

eye lashes make up

Now it is time to eyes makeup:

The first thing people notice about you is your eyes and your eyebrows. The trend now is having big, strong and full eyebrows; they are considered as the frame of your eyes, so you should always keep them in check.

How to get thick eyebrows:

Mark your eyebrow with a special pencil that goes with your skin color and you can cover the extra hair with a light line of concealer if you do not want to remove them. The concealer line would give you the look of the instant eyebrow removal even if they were not.

Then take your sharpened pencil and draw in any open spaces with short, irregular length strokes to stimulate real hair (fill in the spaces). Moreover, adding a powder that goes with your skin color would help you fill in your eyebrows and get the prettiest look. You could also use eyeshadow that goes with your skin. MAC eyeshadows always help in this technique.


Be creative in your application for your make up and use concealer that is lighter than your face color to cover the dark spots, under-eye circles and define your eyebrow.


Every woman has her way in applying mascara and definitely, no one is necessarily the right way because if the results satisfy you and give you natural curled lashes, then it is great and you have to continue using this technique. You can choose the brand you see that it is perfect for your lashes. I prefer Maybelline mascara for the waterproof mascara type, but if you prefer curled thick lashes that last longer, you are greatly recommended to use the Max Factor Xperience mascara as it gives you 3 times volume and you will enjoy fuller, thicker and lifted lashes like celebrities. On the other hand, if you have many small lashes at the beginning of your eye and face a difficulty in curling them using the normal mascara brush, try to buy the fish brush that has some small parts to help you curl those unreached lashes.

Lipstick trick.

After you have applied your lipstick, use a tissue over your lips and with a suitable brush dust some translucent powder over the tissue; this way shall help you get time-longer lipstick.

If you use a red lipstick try to avoid the too much makeup, which means that the red lipstick should be the only accent in your makeup; your eyes should have mascara and eyeliner ONLY.   Check our other article regarding hair types, here!


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Trending Hair Types for Women


Did you know that your hair is also a good indicator of your health? So there goes the famous saying that your hair is your crowning glory. So the healthier the person is the better looking is his hair. But aside from that, we should also know the type of hair that you have so that you can properly take care of that wonderful mane.

According to a famous stylist of Oprah Winfrey which is Andre Walker is that there are 4 types of hair.  The Straight hair, Wavy hair, Curly hair and Kinky hair.  This system developed by Walker is the most widely used to classify the hair of an individual. If you’d like to change your hair you should use some hair styling tools, but it won’t be as natural as your own hair :)

  1. Straight hair
    1. This shows the most flexible or durable of all the hair type.
    2. It is really hard to curl this type of hair texture and is difficult to damage
    3. Also the oiliest type of hair, since the sebum from the scalp spreads easily and no curls interrupts in its path.
  2. Wavy hair
    1. The sheen and its texture play in the range between curly and straight hair.
    2. More like to end up being frizzy than straight type of hair texture.
    3. There are 3 types of waves too and these are the type A,B and C.
      1. Type A Wave- interchange easily between curly and straight styles
      2. Type B and C are both resistant to styling.
    4. Curly hair
      1. More likely described as the S-shaped hair type.
      2. This type has more volume, more damage prone and is climate dependent meaning more humidity leads to more frizz.
      3. Less defined curls are a result of lack of proper hair care.
    5. Kinky hair
      1. This type of hair texture is the most fragile of all hair textures
      2. Tightly coiled curly pattern


Now, determining your hair type will aid you to find out how to style, cut and handle your hair better. The different qualities of your hair such as elasticity, curl pattern, porosity, texture and density will help you understand it more. This will also help you choose the best styling products and styles that will complement you and will give you great results. Check other related hair care post with this link!

Method to Determine the Density

The first thing you need to do is while looking at the mirror, using a comb or your finger is to part your hair at the middle. To keep one side away from your way, just pin it down. Next is to hold the other side of the part so that you will be able to see the roots of your hair from different angles.

Look in a mirror and part your hair in the middle. Use your fingers or a comb to part your hair. Separate it into two sides. It might help to pin down one of the sides to keep it out of your way. The density of your hair is based on how many strands cover your head in a square inch. For example, you have a thin hair density if you can see a lot of scalp in a square inch, a medium density if you can see some scalp and a thick hair density if you don’t see much scalp at all. Always remember that hair density may vary at the other areas of your head, so it is best to do the same method and check.

Method To Determine Hair Texture

First step is by washing your hair first as you normally would but rinse it well. Then let I dry by using a towel or air dry but not using hair dryer that can cause your hair to react differently and alter the result. After that is grab a 6 to 8 inches long sewing thread and pull out also a strand of your dry hair and compare it with the thread that you have. For you to easily compare the two, lay it down in a piece of white cloth or paper towel. If you hair stand is thicker than the thread then you have a thick hair texture. If it is just about the same thickness, then you have a medium type of hair texture. And if it thinner than the thread, that means you have a thin hair.


Method To Determine Hair Porosity

First method is again to wash your hair and rinse it thoroughly. Towel dry it partially but not too dry to help you determine how well your hair retains moisture and to determine its porosity. Then take a chunk full in your hands and feel them from the roots to the tips while squeezing it gently to feel the moisture. You can tell if you have high porosity if your hair retains a lot of moisture and you hair feels sticky after a long time. A medium porosity if your hair is a bit wet but not sticky and a low porosity if your hair dries fast.
Another way to determine your hair’s porosity is by floating it in water. If your hair sinks fast to the bottom then you have high porosity, medium if it takes a while and light porosity if it floats and doesn’t sink.


Method To Determine Hair Oiliness

When checking for hair oiliness, first you need to wash your hair like you normally do, and let it dry. Wait for the next day, using a tissue, gently press the tissue to your scalp at your crown then do it as well behind your ears. If it shows that you have oil residue onto the tissue, then you have an oily hair, if it’s just a trace then its medium and if none then you have a dry hair. But if you have no oil on one spot and lots on other spots that means to say that you have combination hair.

Method to Check Elasticity

Now to check for your hair elasticity is simple, just get a strand of hair and stretch it as far as you go… but you need to stretch it gently or it will break too soon. See if it stretches well, stretches before it snaps or just snaps fast. Then you can determine how elastic your hair is.


Once you follow these steps, you will have no problem on how to make your hair even more lustrous and shiny. But always make sure that when you are trying to determine your hair type, it is best to do it when your hair is chemical free, no bleaches or dyes meaning your hair is in its natural state.



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Rain Shower Heads – Buying Guide

Rain Shower HeadsRain shower heads are turning out to be fast replacements for ordinary shower heads. For those who are looking for a natural rain drenched experience in every season irrespective of the climate, rain shower heads are the alternatives. Does every rain shower system provide such mood lifting experience? The answer is a definite “no” as growing demand leads to manufacturing of fake products to deceive the customers. These pseudo products are to be dissented and this can be done by understanding the true nature of best shower heads.

Check List to Identify the Best Shower Head

In today’s market many variants of rain shower heads are available in many prices and luxury types. However, all the luxury items are not convenient and low priced items are not ill-constructed. This is best exemplified in the case of rain shower heads. The best shower heads are available in all price ranges across all the brands. The only precaution to be taken is to avoid fake manufacturers. Eliminate any such option from your consideration because they not only offer cheap quality but also fade away very quickly. The following list will help identify the best rain shower system:

  • Size does not matter- Shower head dimensions vary according to the brand. No matter what brand you select it is appropriate to have showerhead within the dimension limits of 8 & 10 inches. Of course, there are high priced products where the maintenance of the effect is consistent in all sizes.
  • Kind of fitting- Rain shower systems are available for both wall mounting and ceiling mounting; understanding your bathroom and the space present in it will help you to select the right fitting. Make sure the rain shower head you select is compatible to your shower arm fit.
  • Select based on the quality- Quality is the quintessential paradigm for selecting any product or making any decision in life. Check for the quality of the showerhead, feel the texture, gain confidence by knowing the product better, and ask the retailer for additional details. It is beneficial to know about the pros and cons of the product especially when it is to last for a longer duration.
  • Know about the design- There are many types of rain shower heads. A detailed description of the types can be found through many internet sources or you can ask the retailer. The price varies according to elevation of design and additional options in the showerhead. Select the appropriate design within the budget.Rain Shower Heads
  • Style matters- Finally, bathroom accessories illustrate a fashion statement and make you stand out in your community. Many wonderful designs are found across all price ranges. Prepare yourself before entering a shop or order online by acquiring information about rain shower heads.

For every aspect of life, gaining knowledge is of prior importance. After accumulating sufficient knowledge you can confidently buy the product. The right rain shower head will beautify your bathroom and please the senses aesthetically. Remember to check the list mentioned above and stick every aspect before making a decision.

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What is The Best Heater to Buy for One Room

In Need of Heaters in Your Room?

What is The Best Heater to Buy for One Room

Don’t get wrong of the hundreds of heaters out in the market today. Get the best heater for your room. Understanding the specifications of the heaters and how they work well for you might as well be practical in deciding the best heaters for you. This exactly provides an answer to your query, what is the best heater to buy for one room.


Remember space heaters like the oil filled space heaters?  They are perfect for your room that needs to be warmth. They low maintenance and energy-efficient because of their low wattage but can warm to a range of 40 sq. ft. to 100. Sq. ft. Not only is that, these heaters too safe for your children and even animals. No coils and heating elements are exposed. The oil keeps the heat composed.


How about the convection heaters? They are good too. The ceramic space heaters for one which are built of ceramic plates and aluminium baffles or commonly known as the heat conducting tool. These are ideal for small rooms and offices. These are very convenient for they only weigh around 3.5 lbs but with heating range from 60 sq.ft to 150 sq. ft. Economical right? You can save a lot from your bills. Convection heaters have built-in fans to oscillate and distribute the warmth in the entire room. Practical for those who have more members in the family staying one room?


What is The Best Heater for People Who Lack the Patience to Wait for Heating?


What is The Best Heater to Buy for One RoomInclude in your lists, the radiant heaters. These heaters won’t take any moment to wait for heating. The moment you switched-on the unit. Heat is automatically given off at more composed and intact. They have no built-in fans to neither warm the air nor collect dusts in the space.  These make them comfortable to asthma and allergy sufferers. Also, no noise is released. The heat is intact and more focused. You can really get a very sound and deep sleep. Truly, ideal for heating people and even objects in the room.


Your list might as well include the micathermic heaters.  They are safe to use all night long because they don’t overheat.

So, what is the best heater to buy for one room? radiant heaters or the convection heaters?  To sum them up, radiant heaters, heat your room for a range of 80 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft. but convection heaters have the heating range of 60 sq. ft. to 150 sq. ft. yes, radiant heaters bigger heating range compared to convection heaters but the latter can warmth the whole room accommodating the number of people in the room. But the radiant heaters don’t. They have intact a more focused heat, henceforth, highly recommended for heating people.

Now, to what is the best heater to buy for one room does not only mean to matter only the working efficiency of the heaters.  To value your money is also a factor to look into. To get the best buy is to the product of your need without compromising the value of your money.

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What to Consider Before Buying a Thermostat?

What to Consider Before Buying a Thermostat?Thermostat acts as temperature manager in majority of the Western homes and regions where there is instability in climatic conditions which will raise the need of temperature maintenance within the building. The first thermostat was invented by Cornelis Drebble and it was a mercury thermostat. From its invention to the entry into post modern era thermostats evolved several times. It is not that simple to choose a thermostat as wrong selection might lead to loss of money. The following information will help you to select the right thermostat.

Type of System

There are many systems starting from the traditional to the most advanced and the type installed will decide the type of thermostat to be bought.

  • A single stage system contains either a gas supply, air heater or an electric AC system and is the most common used type.
  • A multi stage system contains alternate supply like solar panels for emergency backup. This is useful whenever a sudden drought dries out the primary supply.
  • The most advanced system is multi stage heat pump which specifically uses a heat pump for emergency temperature control. This will also increase the efficiency of the primary system.

HVAC specialists are always available if you are not able to derive a conclusion about the type of system.

Type of ThermostatsWhat to Consider Before Buying a Thermostat?

The next major step for having a complete system is to select the right thermostat. It is recommended to buy advanced thermostats in case of advanced systems for smooth operation of the system without any jitters. The options available in the market are huge and the choice must be taken with extreme care. The following is a list of different types of thermostats that can be found in the market.

  • Mechanical thermostats
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Non-programmable thermostats
  • Electronic thermostats
  • Smart or WIFI thermostats

The performance of each thermostat varies. Similar is the case with the features offered by the company through the devices. However, selecting the right thermostat will not complete the job; it needs to be placed in an appropriate position within the home for proper functioning.

Where to Place the Thermostat Within the Home?

What to Consider Before Buying a Thermostat?Another point to take into consideration is the placement of thermostat inside the home. Here are a few things to consider before placing the thermostat within the home.

  • Install the thermostat on inside walls away from direct sunlight.
  • Mount it safely keeping it at a fair distance away from heat sources which can alter the sensory ability of the device.
  • Thermostat should not be blocked by any objects and it is not to be placed in a congested space where the temperature is more than the usual.
  • The allowance for maximum coverage should be taken into consideration when placing a device at a particular point.

So, consider all the things mentioned in the article before selecting a thermostat for your home. An apt thermostat can bring harmony through desired temperature and make home a wonderful place than before.

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Benefits of Using a Garbage Disposer

Benefits of Using a Garbage DisposerOur lives are very busy. Therefore, we need something to sort out this and the other. Today we are looking at a device that makes handling household rubbish easy because it eliminates any garbage related problems. The garbage disposer is that appliance. Here are some of its benefits:


Making the Environment Smile

By using a garbage disposer unit, you are doing a lot to curb global warming. 20% of waste today is comprised of food stuff. With a garbage disposer, the environment is helped in the following ways:

  • Waste that would create a landfill when disposed off in trash cans gets channeled into fertilizers or becomes a source of renewable energy.
  • A small amount of water is used hence reduced operational costs compared to hiring garbage trucks.
  • There is a big reduction in greenhouse emissions that waste management trucks produce.
  • With less waste making it to the landfills, less methane is produced. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is potent in nature and harmful to our environment.

A More Hygienic and Clean House

Without a garbage disposer system, you have to throw your leftovers into a trash bag. There are sometimes when you are tempted to flush it down the drain. That causes pipe clogging.


The food thrown in the bags starts to decompose causing several microorganisms to thrive within your house. That makes it easy for your family members to catch diseases caused by these organisms. Besides that, this rotting food invites some unwanted ‘guests’ such as rats.

Benefits of Using a Garbage Disposer

Furthermore, the decaying waste gives off an odor that could stay on even after taking away the bags. When the bags are full, you have got the task of dropping them off at the collection point. Then there is the expense of paying the garbage collection firm.


With a garbage disposer system, you cut out all these inconveniences and costs yet have a safe and clean home environment.


Improves Plumbing Protection

It is an undeniable fact that a few scraps of food shall go down your kitchen sink even when you do not intend it. Without a garbage disposer unit, it is very likely that your pipes shall get clogged. In such scenarios, you need to hire the services of a plumber to unclog or troubleshoot the pipes. That is of course not without a charge.


Homes that have garbage disposer units do not have to incur those expenses. Even when the system clogs, you just have to add a little water to it, turn it on, and the drain shall get unclogged.


Besides that, the amount of water that these systems use as well as the electricity is not high compared to the garbage collection fees.


Reduces the Pressure On Your Pipes

Garbage disposer systems tremendously reduce the pressure on your pipes. That in turn prevents leakages and the need to hire the services of a plumber to carry out any repairs.


Imagine a scenario where you did not know where the blockage in your pipes was hence you do not sort it out. The plumbing experiences a lot of pressure in that area, and they could burst. That creates a mess in the whole house; it could get worse if the pipes spill smelly stuff. Then you need the help of a plumber that could be costly.

Benefits of Using a Garbage Disposer

With a garbage disposer, all these are ruled out.


Cleaning Up Is Convenient and Faster

You have to prepare meals for your family and then serve them. After that, you have to wash a huge load of plates. However, with a garbage disposer, the cleaning of utensils is simplified.


All you have to do is to turn on the tap and the water flows down the sink drain. After some time, dump all your leftovers into the disposal unit. The device shall grind the waste into tiny particles then flush then down the drain. That makes cleaning so easy, convenient and quick.


Besides that, using this system shall only add a dollar or less to your electricity bill. Therefore, you shall enjoy comfort and convenience at little or no cost.


With all those benefits, do you want to re-think about getting a garbage disposer? I guess not.

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Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Kitchen Faucet Buying GuideLooking at the kitchen faucets in the market today, issues of leaking fixtures may become something of the past. That is because most faucets have got high-quality valves, and the finishes are tough. Besides that, you do not have to pay a lot to get them. Some faucets have a lifetime warranty if you are the original buyer. Such warranties cover finishes and defects.


There are different faucet types such as single handle pullout faucets, pull-down faucets and so many more. The finishes are also very many. Therefore, here is what you need to consider when purchasing a kitchen faucet.


Number of Holes

Most kitchen sinks already have holes to accommodate the faucet. If you are not replacing your sink, then you need to get a faucet that matches the holes (number and size) or cover the extra holes with a brass plate. These plates could come with the fixture and can also cover counter top holes if that is where the faucet it to be installed. However, it is not good to drill extra holes in an already installed sink or countertop.


Style of spout

There are two spout styles; straight and gooseneck spouts. A straight spout faucet is compact and usually inexpensive. However, you may have to move it whenever you need to put a big pan beneath it. A gooseneck spout faucet has a lot of clearance compared to the straight spout. However, if your sink is shallow, it may cause splashing. Whatever spout-type you choose, make sure that the faucet head can swing well enough to reach every sink corner. That is more so when you have a wide sink or double sink. You also need to remember proportionality because a small pan is odd looking when it has got a big faucet.


Number of Handles

How many handles are you looking at when considering a kitchen faucet? A single handle faucet is easier to install and use. The handle may be fitted to the side or attached to the valve. You may also have a sprayer as part of the faucet spout or faucet deck. A 2 handle faucet has got handles for cold and hot water. These handles could either be part of the valve’s base-plate or separate. The sprayer is always separate for this faucet type.


Installing and Repairing

When buying a faucet, you need to find out how easy it is to install or repair. Besides that you need to ensure that you get a fixture that has got long inlet hoses. That is because, with such a tube, you can make connections far below the sink and it is easy to use tools on it during repairs.



There are many fixture finishes on the market today. The latest being PVD (physical vapor deposition). That is where the faucet’s exterior is full of charged metal atoms that chemically bond to the fixture surface. There is also bronze, chrome, brass, gold, and nickel. You need to get a faucet whose finish is rust free, and corrosion free. Chrome is a typical finish, and it is durable though intensive scouring scratches it. Stainless steel is another finish that is durable and it is more resistant to stains and scratches than Chrome. Bronze is also another finish used on faucets however when combined with PVD, it has incredible resistance to corrosion, rust, and stains


Here are the major kitchen faucet types and their characteristics:


  1. Single Handle Faucet

Kitchen Faucet Buying GuideYou have to move the handle to one side for cold water and to another for hot water and then place it in the mix for a mixture. In the kitchen, a fixture that has got a spout on its hose that one can pull out from the fixture head is preferable.



They are very easy to use and install. Besides that, they need little space when compared to two handles faucets.



It is not easy to get precise temperature adjustments


  1. Two Handle Faucet

Kitchen Faucet Buying GuideIt has got separate handles for cold and hot water. One is to the left while the other is to the right.



It allows for precise temperature adjustment



It is not easy to install


The faucet is the heart of the kitchen; make sure that you get one that serves all your needs.